Ruby Calling

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Erin Gately
During childhood and through her 20’s Erin left behind a string of unlearned instruments including piano, guitar and saxophone. In 2008 Erin heard about Ladies Rock Camp in Portland, Oregon and thought it sounded like a dream come true. It was. Having never touched a bass guitar in her life, she wrote her first bass line and learned to play it in 2.5 days during her first Ladies Rock camp in May 2008 with the Toxic Sheilas. Since that time Erin has attended innumerable Ladies Rock Camps and has participated in bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, keyboards and vocals. Erin joined Toxic Sheilas band mate Jean MacDonald and friend Natasha Roe to form Ruby Calling in 2010. Erin plays electric guitar, bass guitar and drums as well as sings lead and backup vocals. She has taught songwriting at the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls and Ladies Rock Camp in Portland, Oregon.

Jean MacDonald
Jean’s early performing career includes playing balalaika in the Greater Miami Balalaika Ensemble and playing guitar for the Sunday evening folk mass at St. Lawrence Church in North Miami Beach. Having always played acoustic guitar, her first experience playing a Fender during Ladies Rock Camp in May 2008 was, well, electrifying. Jean has attended Ladies Rock Camp manytimes, and also volunteers as a guitar teacher at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls. She studies guitar with Marisa Anderson, vocals with Teri Untalan and Drums with Lisa Schonberg.

Molly Gray
Molly is an alumna  of the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, Oregon. Molly joined Ruby Calling in 2012 to do a fun Christmas project and stayed on as drummer (and possible future whistler). She has dreams of starting a folk/punk band sometime in the future. Molly is the Program Director at the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls.

Natasha Roe
Natasha was Ruby Calling’s first drummer and played all the drums on Ruby Calling’s Ignite EP.  She left Ruby Calling in 2012 to pursue other interests.