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Take Note! Food Stamp Party by Brian Hudson

Take note

The second installment of the Take Note! review series is of a CD called Comfort Quest by Brian Hudson.  Here is the backstory:  my bff and I were in New Orleans wandering the streets and drinking mango daiquiris.  As we walked from restaurant to daiquiri place to restaurant, we kept passing a particular street corner where a guy was playing guitar and singing.  I kept slowing down as we would go by and finally we stopped and listed for a while. We heard a few songs and chatted with Brian for a while.  We asked him which CD we should by and he suggested Comfort Quest.
Then we returned home and I ripped the CD into my computer and loaded it on my phone.  On my next run, I listened to the CD.  A song we heard live was my “Take Note!” song.  It is called “Food Stamp Party” and tells a story of being in a grocery store after midnight and an unexpected party that occurs.  Brian is a good storyteller and the music pulls you along with some nice use of a keyboard and horns.
I am not going to say anything about the rest of the songs on the CD.  I will only give myself a reminder not to buy music after drinking 2 mango daiquiris.


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