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Take Note! Crush by Piefight!

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The third installment of the Take Note! review series is of a CD called Ripe by Piefight!  The women in Piefight! banded together via Portland Ladies Rock Camp and have created a great blend of distorted punk, funk and pop with sweet harmonies. The sound really works.
I bought this CD a while ago so I went back for a fresh listen. In this series, I am trying to pick the one song that really stands out. With this CD it is so difficult!!! The song that I remembered best is the song Crush. But then listening to the CD in order…it was tough to choose between Crush and 2 a.m. But I will stick to my self-created rule and just pick one.
Crush is a song that was created and performed at Portland Ladies Rock Camp by some of the current members of Piefight! I think that this song was the “ear worm” of the showcase. It stayed with me for weeks. I also videotaped the performance and made a video and so was exposed to the song even more via the video editing process. The song starts out with a catchy distorted bass line that runs through the song. From there the other instruments add in. Not only is the bass line notable but there is also a cool keyboard riff and they play off each other. The women take turns singing and sing both harmony and layered vocals like Sleater-Kinney. You really need to check this song out because it won’t let you go. Just like your feelings for your secret crush.
The rest of the CD is worth a listen as well especially the aforementioned 2 a.m. If you have the opportunity to see this band live, do it! They have infectious energy.


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