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Ruby Calling gets some airtime

I recently shared the new Ruby Calling EP with a great local radio station KZME.  I guess they liked it because they played a song today!  Yay!  It is a dream come true to share our music with the world.  Do you have your copy of our EP?  If not go here:

In other news, the band is working on a cover for Christmas for our friends at The Big Show.  It is now stuck in our heads and we are contemplating busting out a video.  Stay tuned.

Play our new EP right now!

For your listening pleasure:


Of course, if you feel the need to own it, swing by and purchase it for only $4 (or more – you choose!).

Debut EP – Ignite Available Now!

Want to own some Ruby Calling music?  Head over to to purchase our debut EP entitled Ignite.  The EP features 5 songs: Crow Girl, Level Up, Ignite, Some Days and The Patio.  You can stream it for free directly from our Bandcamp page or purchase the EP for as little as $4 USD.  But don’t let the $4 stop you from paying more!  Bandcamp allows you to set your own price (over $4).

We are excited to share our new music with you!

New video available for viewing!

Our awesome cinematographer and editor, Mike Northcott,  just uploaded a new Ruby Calling video of our fan favorite song, “The Patio.”  Check it out here.


Listen up!

Ruby Calling is a female alternative rock and roll band. The band consists of Erin Gately, Jean MacDonald and Natasha Roe. All band members sing and each play at least two of the three instruments: electric guitar, bass guitar and drums. The band was born out of Ladies Rock Camp plus a near death experience.