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RPM Challenge and Recording

 Ruby Calling is still together and going strong.  We have had a quiet winter practicing and working on a few new songs.  On December 31, 2011 we had a mobile recording studio swing by and record one of our songs.  After a couple of back and forth emails with the engineer, we have a new rendition of Crow Girl that we are really happy with.  As soon as we are sure we have the final copy, we will post it.

The band is also participating in the RPM Challenge during the month of February.  The challenge is to record 35 minutes or 10 songs of previously unrecorded music.  We decided to do all new stuff and picked the theme of “Great Women.”  An informal Facebook request yielded a whole bunch of possible great women.  Within the band we are picking the great women who most move us and are writing songs about them.  So far we have 5 sets of lyrics written and one song just about complete.

In addition to writing a bunch of new songs Erin is learning to record the band for the challenge.  The learning curve is steep but the reward of learning a new skills will be lasting.  Since the challenge is bounded by the month of February we aren’t necessarily expecting to end of with great recordings.  However, we are hoping to do some recording in the spring when we have more time.