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Take Note! Crush by Piefight!

Take note

The third installment of the Take Note! review series is of a CD called Ripe by Piefight!  The women in Piefight! banded together via Portland Ladies Rock Camp and have created a great blend of distorted punk, funk and pop with sweet harmonies. The sound really works.
I bought this CD a while ago so I went back for a fresh listen. In this series, I am trying to pick the one song that really stands out. With this CD it is so difficult!!! The song that I remembered best is the song Crush. But then listening to the CD in order…it was tough to choose between Crush and 2 a.m. But I will stick to my self-created rule and just pick one.
Crush is a song that was created and performed at Portland Ladies Rock Camp by some of the current members of Piefight! I think that this song was the “ear worm” of the showcase. It stayed with me for weeks. I also videotaped the performance and made a video and so was exposed to the song even more via the video editing process. The song starts out with a catchy distorted bass line that runs through the song. From there the other instruments add in. Not only is the bass line notable but there is also a cool keyboard riff and they play off each other. The women take turns singing and sing both harmony and layered vocals like Sleater-Kinney. You really need to check this song out because it won’t let you go. Just like your feelings for your secret crush.
The rest of the CD is worth a listen as well especially the aforementioned 2 a.m. If you have the opportunity to see this band live, do it! They have infectious energy.


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Ruby Calling now has a band page on which can be found here.  The page allows us to have all our music in a single place.  Reviews can be helpful to bands trying to share their music with the world.  We’d love if you took the time to write one for us.  It doesn’t even need to be very long!  A few sentences and a star rating is great.

Also – new music coming soon!

Take Note! Food Stamp Party by Brian Hudson

Take note

The second installment of the Take Note! review series is of a CD called Comfort Quest by Brian Hudson.  Here is the backstory:  my bff and I were in New Orleans wandering the streets and drinking mango daiquiris.  As we walked from restaurant to daiquiri place to restaurant, we kept passing a particular street corner where a guy was playing guitar and singing.  I kept slowing down as we would go by and finally we stopped and listed for a while. We heard a few songs and chatted with Brian for a while.  We asked him which CD we should by and he suggested Comfort Quest.
Then we returned home and I ripped the CD into my computer and loaded it on my phone.  On my next run, I listened to the CD.  A song we heard live was my “Take Note!” song.  It is called “Food Stamp Party” and tells a story of being in a grocery store after midnight and an unexpected party that occurs.  Brian is a good storyteller and the music pulls you along with some nice use of a keyboard and horns.
I am not going to say anything about the rest of the songs on the CD.  I will only give myself a reminder not to buy music after drinking 2 mango daiquiris.


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